When Remodeling My Home, Where Should I Start?

Homes are obviously well-lived in, so it is understandable that over time, rooms are going to start showing their age or running out of space to store items. That is why many homeowners opt to remodel their home. Not only does your outdated bathroom or kitchen get to stay in touch with the times, but homeowners can customize these well-used rooms to their liking! Call Legends Roofing at 214-321-3293 and have our home remodeling contractors in Dallas, TX come and restyle your home!

Home Remodeling Vs Renovation

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You have probably heard the terms home remodel, restoration, and renovation used interchangeably. But they are not the same things. So, what is the difference between a remodel and a renovation? A renovation is just restyling the surface and making cosmetic changes to make the home appear different. An example of a home renovation would be something like painting the walls a new color or replacing your tub for a shower/tub hybrid, but the plumbing stays in the same place.

Home remodeling involves demolition of the home to physically change the structure and move it around. This could mean extending a room, or rearranging your entire kitchen by switching up the plumbing system so your fridge is closer to the stove. Where with home renovation and restoration, these home repairs can be performed by handy DIY homeowners, home remodeling is a much bigger project and requires professional assistance along with permits for construction.

What Does Home Remodeling Mean?

Remodeling means replacing old and broken parts of your home with new ones by tearing them down. For example, if your foundation is severely cracked, replacing it requires destroying the floors in order to remove the slab underneath. Or if the ceilings are too low, then they have to be knocked out and the floor above has to be raised and rebuilt.

With home remodeling, you are finally able to customize your home how you want it, not how you bought it. Very rarely do homeowners love everything about the pre-installed house they bought. Maybe you wish the bathroom was bigger, or that there was an additional garage. Well, now you can have those when you remodel your home! Not only do you get the upgraded room or home of your dreams with home remodeling, but your property value increases, as well! This is beneficial if you ever decide to sell your home, as home buyers prefer newly installed appliances and modern aesthetics over decades-old decor. Also, since home remodeling means constructing entirely new rooms, you are able to save money by upgrading to better energy efficient appliances like HVAC systems, windows, roofs, and more!

Is It Cheaper to Remodel or Build a New House?

Cost is always at the forefront of everyone’s mind whenever they take on a home repair project. While home renovation is definitely the cheapest route to start with, it can end up costing you more in the long run. That is because renovating does not extend the space, so if your home ends up getting cramped years later, more repairs like expanding the home are needed. Home remodeling is a good budget friendly choice if you are focusing on remodeling a few rooms. If you are looking to renovate an entire house, it is more affordable to build your own dream home from scratch.

Home Remodeling Ideas

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  • Installing an island with a dining bar in the middle of the kitchen so there is extra seating and counter space.
  • Add a shower with a built in corner seat so you can turn your everyday chore into a relaxing sauna.
  • Lower your living room to create an inviting little couch pit that is perfect for movie nights!
  • Turn your attic into a loft bedroom.
  • Add a balcony to your master bedroom.


  • Adding a garden to your home is a great way to not only utilize unused space, but to enhance curb appeal. You can get a gate service in DFW to install fencing around your garden.
  • Raise your home’s foundation! Not only does that allow you to repair the foundation and plumbing, but you have enough room to install a wraparound porch now!
  • Build a screened porch or sunroom!
  • Adding a fresh coat of paint to your home’s siding is a quick renovation method that really helps to make your home look brand new.

Home Remodeling and Services

Whether you are remodeling your home for a boost in curb appeal or easier maintenance, the home remodeling contractors at Legends Roofing are here to help you get the redesigned home of your dreams. We are the premier Dallas/Fort Worth remodeling company in the area and offer both interior and exterior services. For home remodeling services in Dallas, TX, call us at 214-321-3293.

Is It Time For a Roof Replacement?

Roof replacements may be something you have to deal with in your lifetime. Hopefully, no more than once because they can be very expensive and a pain, depending on when you get it done. The problem is, that when your roof is ready for one, it is something you probably will need right away. When damage happens or time has taken its toll, your roof can be opened up to potential water damage. If you have gotten water damage, we need to make sure that it doesn’t keep happening because it can end up ruining your home and your roof. A roof replacement can be great though. It gives you an opportunity to choose a new roof and make some changes to your home.

Signs That You Need a New Roof

Roof Replacement

Roof Replacements Can Be Done By Our Professionals.

Mold – Once you have mold and you don’t take care of it, it will spread. This is something you need to take care of so that it doesn’t take over your roof and end up inside of your home.

Constant Repairs – Have you found yourself calling the repairman over and over to come out and fix your roof. Maybe it is time for a whole new roof altogether.

Age – Once you start getting around or past the time that the roof said it would originally last for, it may be time to just think about getting a new one. This will help prevent damage from occurring and if you need a new one anyway, might as well just take the plunge.

Falling Apart – When your shingles start to fall off in large quantities, it might be because the roof needs to be replaced.

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Roofing Options You Haven’t Thought Of



Choose The Best Roofing Material For You.

With all of the different types of roofing out there to choose from, it can be overwhelming to try to figure out what kinds to get. You have to think long and hard before you make the commitment to one because the investment is so large. Doing your research and seeing what is popular vs. what will work best with your home, is the key to making sure your roofing is exactly what you want. There are so many options to choose from, one of them being copper roofing, which is very popular on an awning and some small roofs. Below are a few common types of roofing that are found for a lot of different types of buildings and homes.

Different Types Of Roofing

Slate – Slate roofing is the crème de la crème of roofing materials. Not only does it look really great on a roof, but it also can last over 100 years on your roof. This means that if you get it once, you will never have to have slate installation again.

Metal Shingles – Metal shingles are great because they come in a variety of colors and are strong enough to be able to withstand heavy weather like rain, strong winds, and hail with ease. They are also a lot thicker than traditional shingles as well.

Stone Coated – Stone coated steel is a nice way to keep your home protected and also have the appearance of textured roofing. This will keep you with a roof that is strong and dependable but doesn’t give an industrial feel to it.

Roof Coatings – Roof coatings are nice to have because they go over the roof you already have and keep it protected an extra amount of time. This is good if you have a flat roof that is prone to water damage.

If you have questions about any kind of roofing materials, give Legends Roofing a call at 214-321-3293 and let us handle all your roofing needs in Dallas, TX.

What To Do Before Buying a New Roof

When it is time to put a new roof on your home or commercial building, you will want to pay attention to a few extra things than you normally would when making a large purchase. Because this is such a big commitment and investment, you want to know that this is going to last and that it will be the best for you all around. Here are a few things that you can do first, to make sure that you are getting the best roof possible for you.

Ways To Prepare


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Research – The best thing that you can do is to do your research on pricing. Figure of what the square footage is going to be that will need to be covered and look online to find what good and realistic prices per square foot will be. When you speak to a roofing contractor, remember that if it sounds too good to be true, it probably means that it is. In the situation of roofing, you definitely get what you pay for so be careful.

Budget – Know ahead of time what you can and cannot afford. It is better to go into it with a set budget than to start looking and not know what you will be able to afford. This will also help you to decide what kind of roofing material you can get as well.

If you need to know what kind of roofing will work best or have any kind of roofing questions at all, give Legends Roofing a call at 214-321-3293 and let us help you.

What To Do When Filing A Claim

Insurance Claim

Filing an Insurance Claim Does Not Have To Be Tricky! Follow Our Tips.

When storms roll in, there is a chance they could damage your roof, leading to leaks, wear, and other damage. As a homeowner, you need your roof to protect your property from these issues so that you and your loved ones can stay safe and enjoy a comfortable living environment. Damage can be handled through your insurance, however, you may be unsure what to do in the event of needing your insurance. There are a few things you can do to get the ball rolling and be sure you have a complete claim. 

Insurance Claim Tips

Document Everything

When you first notice the damage to your roof, there are two things you need to do: take photos and take notes. It is important to document everything relating to the damage, visually and with notation for when you file your claim. Look at the outside of your roof and inside of your attic for leaks, damaged materials, and holes. Take note of any damaged property as well! They may be covered under your insurance policy.

Review Your Policy

When was the last time you read through your coverage listed on your insurance policy? After signing up for insurance, many people do not review their policy information. However, knowing what is covered and what is not covered can better help you file a claim and work with your company to get your roof repaired. Take some time to read over it when you get a chance before you get started on your claim.

Get Started Filing

Once you have compiled the information and reviewed your policy, it is time to file! Use the information to best fill out your claim and speak with your adjuster to have your inspections completed. At this time you may also want to contact an expert roofer to work on your behalf with the insurance company.

Legends Roofing provides expert insurance claims assistance for your home. Want to get started on a claim today in Dallas, TX? Give us a call at 214-321-3293!

The Benefits of Roof Coatings

You have a roof installed, but maybe the metal is starting to corrode. Or your roof keeps having to get minor repairs but doesn’t need a full on replacement. Roof coatings are great and affordable protective coverings that go over your already-installed roof to help extend its lifespan up to 10 years.

Here are some of the great benefits that roof coatings provide.


Roof coatings are typically seen over metal and flat roofs because the original roofs do not age gracefully. The metal can corrode and rust, and flat or gravel roofs are generally used because of how cheap they are, but not because of how pretty they are.

A Roof Coating is a Great and Cheap Protection for Your Roof


Roof coatings can handle foot traffic and extreme weather well. If you walked on a flat roof too much, sinkholes would begin to appear. The coatings can be made out of material like EPDM, polyurea, or rubber. All of these won’t dent from hail or break from strong winds.


Roof coatings are oftentimes liquid, so when they dry, they are completely seamless. This leaves no room for water to seep through where it could in the original roofing. The slick surface will also make water roll right off it and not sit stagnant.

Energy efficient

Roof coatings are oftentimes reflective, helping to lower energy costs. They reflect the sun’s harmful and extremely hot UV rays, helping to cool the building and not make the HVAC system work as hard.

Cost Effective

Most coverings come in tubs that can be easily bought at home repair stores. Tubs typically cost $100 but some highly rated ones can go up to $1000. This is far cheaper than having to replace an entire roof which can cost a minimum of $20,000.


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3 Reasons You Should Have Metal Roofing on Your Home

If you’re like 63 percent of Americans, your home is the most pricey investment you will make in your lifetime. Protect it with the right roofing material. While shingles offer great benefits like affordability, and tile offers overall durability, they can’t compare to the extreme resistance of metal roofs. Shingles are super durable when it comes to minor hazards. Tile is great as long as the impact is widespread and your tiles aren’t aged or cracked. Metal roofs, on the other hand, offer unbridled protection in every scenario.

We Can Help You Decide Which Style is Best for Your Home.

Metal Roofing Provides a Long List of Benefits to Your Home.

Superior Resistance to… Everything

Metal is one of the few roofing materials that actually offers resistance to every type of peril or hazard your roof can be presented with. The strength of the metal protects against the impacts of hail and debris while the tight hold of the seam fasteners eliminates water seepage. With new, coated and protected options, mold, mildew, and even rust are a problem of the past. Not only can this roof protect your home, but it can also protect you. Metal roofing has a top fire safety rating. In fact, you can sometimes receive safety discounts on insurance just for having it installed.

You Can Save Money, and Lots of It

All roofing systems claim to be affordable, but with metal, it’s very true. These roofs are slightly more costly to install but come with minimal maintenance and repair requirements. This means you’ll have fewer labor charges throughout the life of your roof. Metal is also a great reflector of UV rays, decrease your energy usage and cost. These roofing systems can also be applied directly over most old systems and can last for up to 50 years, saving you money on tear-off and replacement charges.

Wide (Yes, We Mean Wide) Selection

We all remember the days of silver metal roofing that made homes resemble something out of an old western. While appealing to many, if you didn’t want that particular look for your home, metal was out of the running. Today’s metal choices, however, seem to go on forever and include options that resemble tile, wood, slate, or even standard shingles. If you still prefer metal sheets but want a color that doesn’t make you think of the tin man, you have the ability to choose from almost every color, texture, and tint you can think of. Still like the traditional look of metal? It’s still here, and more durable and long-lasting than ever.

Metal roofing is quickly becoming a common household roofing option across the country because of its extreme durability, safety against fire, and affordability. Learn more about how you can benefit from a metal roof by calling the Legends Roofing professionals today at 214-321-3293 to discuss your options.

Why You Need a Roof Inspection

Your roof is something that you always have to take care of. By making sure that your roof is up to date and has nothing wrong with it, you will be able to keep it lasting as long as it is supposed to. A great way to do that is to have your roof inspected once a year. A roof inspection is easy and usually does not take more than an hour to complete. When you have a roof inspection, a professional is looking for things like water leak signs, damaged shingles, and even problems with your gutters. These are all small problems to have, but if you wait to have them fixed, they can turn into much bigger problems and you may end up having to have a roof replacement. Think of it like you going to the doctor. You don’t always go when you are sick, sometimes you go just to make sure that you are still healthy. That same rule applies to your roof and its health. There are a few additional reasons why you should have your roof inspected once a year.

Roof Inspection: Why?

Warranty – When you buy a new roof, it can sometimes come with its own warranty. This is because over time, damage can happen to your roof and if you have a warranty, you will be able to get it fixed at no cost to you. The stipulation is that you have to get your roof inspected at least once a year to keep it active. The upfront cost may seem overwhelming, but in the long run, it will pay for itself over and over if you end up needing to have a major repair done.

Among many other reasons to maintain the quality of your roof, a roof inspection is very important. If you need one, call Legends Roofing at 214-321-3293.

Commercial Metal Roofing Varieties

metal roofing

Is A Metal Roof Right For You?

Are you interested in upgrading your commercial roofing with a metal roof? There are several different options to choose for, and they are all designed to be stronger, and last longer than alternative commercial roofing materials. Today we will go over a few of the benefits you can receive from commercial metal roofing options!

Commercial metal roofing systems offer a significant amount of security, with an absolutely minimal amount of required maintenance. Furthermore, you can count on these roof materials to resiliently stand against fires, severe weather, and more! Metal roofs are some of the greatest solutions available. While a metal roof will not be as cheap as a single ply roof, it will endure two times as long, provide better protection, and need less maintenance, making it the better long term investment.

Aluminum roofs are lightweight and resistant to rust, making them a simple installation choice for your commercial roof. Aluminum’s resistance to corrosion also provides you with minimal maintenance requirements, and a very long lifespan.

Steel roofing is inexpensive, and incredibly durable as well. Steel also comes in a wide variety of styles such as standing seam, corrugated metal, and more. Steel roofing also provides the best value per square foot in most cases, making it a great option for larger projects.

Copper roofing is listed among the premium roofing options, and provide a unique but timeless style to your building. Copper roofs are some of the most expensive metal roof systems out there, but copper does retain more than 90% of its value, if it ever needs to be taken off and scrapped.

If you would like to learn more about metal roofing, give our team a call today at 214-321-3293 and speak to one of our roofing experts!


What You Need To Know About Commercial Roof Installations

As your commercial roof begins to age, it can encounter all sorts of frustrating problems. For example, leaks and punctures are common in aging roof systems. If your roof has become to damaged to be eligible for a restoration, a new installation may be the only option available to you. There are many different factors to consider when it comes to commercial roofing installations, and today we will discuss a few of the most important things to keep in mind!

Pick The Right Roofer

Commercial Roof Installaiton

Are You In Need Of A New Commercial Roof Installation?

The most important part of a roof installation for either a commercial building or a residential home is to find a reliable and experienced roofer. The quality of the initial installation will affect the lifespan and durability of your roof from day one. A poor installation will more likely than not lead to an early roof failure, which in turn will lead to costly removal or repairs.

Use The Right Materials

The next thing to keep in mind is that the materials and type of roofing you choose will play a big role in your roof’s performance and longevity. It is important that you choose a quality roofing material that works well in your climate, and that can stand up to any special requirements your commercial building may have.

Perform Diligent Maintenance

And the third thing to keep in mind, is that if you want to keep your commercial roof installation in good condition, it is essential that you have it maintained on a regular basis. Annual roof inspections will let you see signs of roof damage early on, so that you can have them repaired before they create any irreversible problems.

If you find yourself in need of a commercial roof installation or a commercial roof replacement, give our team a call at 214-321-3293 to speak with a roofing professionals!