When Do You Need a Roof Tear Off?

Roofer Completing a Roof Tear Off

If You Need a Roof Replacement, You May Require a Roof Tear Off Of the Old Roof First.

Many residential roofing materials can be installed directly over the old roof. This saves a lot of time and expense during the installation process. Installing new roofing materials over old provides you with a strong durable roof that will protect your home from inclement weather. Most companies will also give you the same warranties as they would if they were to tear off the old roof. However, there are certain times when a roof tear off  is absolutely necessary to provide you with the best possible roof.

Do You Need a Roof Tear Off?

There only a few reasons why you would need to have your old roof torn during a roof replacement. If you choose to install a new roof on top of the old roof in any of the following scenarios, it could cause serious problems later down the road.

Too Many Layers
If you’ve already installed a new roof on top of an old, you will need to remove both layers before you can install your next new roof.

The Roof Leaks
If you have a roof leak, that means there is a problem with the roofing material under the shingles. Installing a new roof over the old roof won’t make the roof leaks go away.

The Roof is Sagging
If you have a saggy roof, you might have a problem with the sheathing or framing of the roof. A sagging roof won’t be able to support the weight of one layer of roofing materials, let alone two. In this case you will need a roof tear off  to prevent a complete roof collapse.

When you need a roof replacement with a roof tear off and you want to hire a roofer you can trust to do the job right, contact Legends Roofing at (214) 321-3293.

How to Choose the Best Roof

Best Roofing OptionWhen it’s time for a new roof on your home, the options can be overwhelming. From different types of material and styles to multiple installation methods, the choices can seem endless. Having a good idea of what you’re looking for can help you narrow your choices and choose the perfect roofing system for your home.

What Protections are You Looking For?

Each roofing type offers its own benefits and advantages, as well as drawbacks. Decide what type of protections are important to you, and find a roofing material that offers them. For instance, metal roofs have impeccable durability against the elements, but over the years can separate at the seams and fasteners causing leaks. Shingles can offer substantial protection, especially when using reinforced products. They need repairs often, but these are typically comparatively simple and inexpensive to complete. Tile roofs can withstand almost anything and can last decades on end. However, they are an extremely expensive option, and sometimes require bracing due to the weight.

What is Your Budget?

Many times, your insurance company will pay a certain amount for a new roof. This is typically an amount that will cover replacing your roof with the same material. If you plan to upgrade your roof or change your material, it’s highly likely that you will need to cover the extra cost personally. Roofing materials vary greatly in cost, and also in lifespan. When replacing your roof, consider the amount you would like to spend, and how long you would like your roof to last. Metal roofs are slightly more expensive than architectural shingles but can last years longer. 3-tab shingles are the least expensive roofing option, but they last only 15 or so years before needing replacement.

In the end, your roof comes down to personal preference and budget. However, having an inkling of what you want your roof to look like, how long you want it to last, and how much you want to pay for it will help you whittle down your choices and make better decisions. For expert guidance, advice, and installation of any type of roof, call the professionals at Legends Roofing, your leading roofing consultants.

Gutter Cleaning: The Importance of Cleaning Out Your Gutters

Gutter Cleaning: The Importance of Cleaning Out Your Gutters

The Importance of Cleaning Out Your Gutters

While the gutters on our roofs are very important, they are easily forgotten. Because there are many other things to maintain around our homes, gutter cleaning is fallen by the wayside. Without proper gutter cleaning, it can lead to a lot of damages to your roof and home. Learn about the importance of cleaning out your gutters by reading below.

Protect Against Foundation Issues

When gutters are left unclean, they can become clogged with leaves and debris. With clogged leaves and debris, water can overflow onto the roof and the sides of your home. What this can do is lead to foundation leaks which will hurt your home and cost a lot in repairs.

Rid Your Home of Animals and Insects

Animals like birds and squirrels and insects like mosquitoes and termites love gutters to build their nests in. With a gutter system that is full of leaves, it’s the perfect nesting ground. An infestation of animals and insects can lead to your exterior walls becoming damaged, the risk of your getting a disease, and even pull the gutter away from the roof due to the weight.

Avoid Ruining Your Landscape

Not only can overflowing water from a clogged gutter cause exterior siding and foundation damage, it can also ruin your landscaping. When your grass, flowers, and other plants get too much water, it can cause them to die.

Prevent Roof Damages

The importance of cleaning out your gutters has a lot to do with avoiding roof damages. Overflowing water because of clogged gutters can lead to cracks, tears, and other damages. This can be prevented with gutter maintenance.

If you need gutter replacement and installation in Dallas, TX, call Legends Roofing today at 214-321-3293 for professional roofing services.

How to Deal with Storm Damage

Storm Damage in Dallas, TX

Let professional roofers help you deal with storm damage.

Dealing with storm damage in Dallas, TX can be a tricky process, especially for new homeowners. If your home has recently endured a heavy storm, you’ll need to check your roof for storm damage and file a claim with your insurance. You can call 214-321-3293 to talk to our experts at Legends Roofing anytime for help with the insurance claims process.






Here’s some tips to help you with storm damage:

  • Know Your Area

    With today’s technology, storms don’t often happen without warning. When you learn that your area is expecting a storm, start taking pictures of your home. Unaddressed storm damage can pile up further damaging other facets of your home, like the siding or your chimney. Having pictures to prove the storm caused such damage will help your claim along nicely.

  • Call Your Roofing Company

    Once a storm blows through your area, don’t forget to take pictures, and meet with your local roofing expert. A good roofing company will perform an initial (free!) inspection, most likely confirming the storm damage you’ve already suspected and more. An even better roofing company will meet with your insurance company for you. They’ll create a report and explain the damages suggested repairs to fix them. They can also tell you what to expect if these repairs DON’t get fixed. Once your roofing contractor has thoroughly inspected your roofing system, pass that report on to the insurance company.

  • Don’t Wait

    Most roofing companies give landlords about a year to make a storm damage roofing claim once initial damage has occurred.  If you don’t fix the first damage, you may end up with ten times the damage in the end. If insurance companies have reason to suspect you’re filing a claim for existing damage, they may not hand over a check for your roofing repairs.

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Dealing with costly storm damage in Dallas, TX can be tricky, but the right kind of roofing experts will help you keep a reliable and durable roof over your head. Let our roofing contractors at Legends Roofing help you with an insurance roofing claim or storm damage repairs. If you’ve any questions about the insurance claims process, visit our website or call 214-321-3293 now to speak with our customer service representatives. We’re happy to help and can give you valuable advice on how to move forward.