When Do You Need a Roof Tear Off?

Roofer Completing a Roof Tear Off

If You Need a Roof Replacement, You May Require a Roof Tear Off Of the Old Roof First.

Many residential roofing materials can be installed directly over the old roof. This saves a lot of time and expense during the installation process. Installing new roofing materials over old provides you with a strong durable roof that will protect your home from inclement weather. Most companies will also give you the same warranties as they would if they were to tear off the old roof. However, there are certain times when a roof tear off  is absolutely necessary to provide you with the best possible roof.

Do You Need a Roof Tear Off?

There only a few reasons why you would need to have your old roof torn during a roof replacement. If you choose to install a new roof on top of the old roof in any of the following scenarios, it could cause serious problems later down the road.

Too Many Layers
If you’ve already installed a new roof on top of an old, you will need to remove both layers before you can install your next new roof.

The Roof Leaks
If you have a roof leak, that means there is a problem with the roofing material under the shingles. Installing a new roof over the old roof won’t make the roof leaks go away.

The Roof is Sagging
If you have a saggy roof, you might have a problem with the sheathing or framing of the roof. A sagging roof won’t be able to support the weight of one layer of roofing materials, let alone two. In this case you will need a roof tear off  to prevent a complete roof collapse.

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