What is Included in Roof Replacement?

A Roofer Works on a Roof Replacement.

What is Included in Roof Replacement?

When you’ve decided it’s time to get your roof replaced, you’ll want to know exactly what you’re spending your money on. The estimate for your roof replacement should break down the costs for the following:

  • Shingles: The estimate should include the type of shingles the contractor plans to use, as well as the manufacturer and length of the manufacturer’s warranty. Options like color choice may also be included.
  • Flashing: Anytime you have a chimney, dormers, or walls on your roof you will need flashing.
  • Underlayment: This is the protective layer between the roof deck and shingles. 
  • Drip edges: These are metal strips along gutters and eaves that prevent water from seeping under the shingles. This should be an essential part of every estimate. 
  • Ice and water shields: These barriers are applied to vulnerable parts of your roof like eaves and valleys.
  • Valleys: Valleys—the areas where two roof slopes intersect—are essential for water runoff.
  • Ridge vent: Ridge vents are common types of roof ventilation.
  • Pipes and fans: The estimate should indicate how the contractor will handle ventilation like pipes and fans.
  • Soffit and fascia: Soffit and fascia also assist with ventilation and replacing them when the roof is replaced is often a good idea.
  • Plywood and sheathing: This is the roof’s deck, its solid structure. If your old decking is damaged or shows signs of wear, your contractor will normally recommend new decking.
  • Warranties: The estimate should outline all warranties.

Other things to consider with a roof replacement is replacing gutters at the same time. If you have a chimney, a chimney cricket might be useful. This peaked structure prevents snow and ice buildup. If you are considering roof replacement in Dallas, TX, you’ll want to reach out to the experienced professionals at Legends Roofing for high-quality service. Find out how we can help by calling 214-321-3293.

Is it Better to Repair or Replace a Roof?

When your roof is damaged, several factors will determine whether you chose to repair or replace your roof. A primary concern should be the roof’s age. A well-maintained asphalt shingle roof will last about 20-25 years under ideal conditions. If you have a roof in need of repairs that’s over 15 years of age, you might want to go ahead and get the roof replaced. The severity of the damage will also play a role when deciding between repair or replacement. For instance, minor storm damage causing shingle displacement might only require repairs.

On the other hand, if a large section of shingles were blown off or lifted and allowed large amounts of water to seep under the shingles, you’ll need to replace the roof. If you’re making frequent repairs or have recurring problems with leaks, replacement is usually best. Not only is it a better long-term investment, but it also enhances your home’s exterior for curb appeal. Anytime you have damage and have questions about repairs, get a reliable roofing contractor to come out and inspect the roof.

When Should I Replace My Roof?

Age is a significant determining factor when it comes to roof replacement. The older the roof, the more wear and tear it will see, and the more repairs you’ll need. As a rule of thumb, if you are spending more than $3,000 a year on roof repairs, especially if you have several leaks, you are probably better off replacing the roof. Another major determining factor is the type of roof you have. For instance, under the best of conditions, an asphalt shingle roof will last anywhere between 20-25 years, whereas metal or tile roofs can last 50 years or longer. A roof inspection can help you determine whether or not your roof is ready to be replaced.

Should Gutters Be Removed When Replacing a Roof?

Usually, with roof replacement, gutters are removed. The main reason for this is to make sure that the gutters and the new roof will fit together correctly so runoff won’t be affected. Your gutters and your roof must mesh together to ensure water drains off the roof without any problems like leaks or moisture build-up that could lead to mold growth.

How Can I Get My Insurance to Pay for My Roof?

If you need a roof replacement because of storm damage or other events like a fire, one of the first things you’ll need to do is check your insurance to see what your policy covers. If a covered peril damaged the roof like hail or fire, the type of policy you hold will determine how much the insurance company pays. You may have a replacement policy that will cover the full cost of a new roof in some instances. In other cases, your coverage may be repair coverage that considers the depreciation of your roof as it ages. This type of policy only covers a percentage of replacement expenses.

Is Roof Replacement Tax Deductible?

A roof replacement is not tax-deductible. The IRS considers getting a new roof a home improvement cost, which is not deductible. You will want to keep records of your roof replacement or any home improvements, as they may affect the amount of tax you pay when you sell your home.

Roof Replacement for Mobile Homes

Mobile homeowners often have more roof replacement options than other homeowners. You can, of course, fully replace your roof, or you can get a roof over, which means you can place a new roof over your existing roofing material. You can even opt to change the type of roof you have. For instance, if you have a flat roof on your mobile home, you can roof over it with a pitched roof. While flat roofs are less common these days on mobile homes, TPO is a popular replacement option, applying roof coatings or foam roofing.

How Loud is Roof Replacement?

When you’re having your roof replaced, one thing you should expect is noise. As with any construction project, roof replacement is loud. If you are sensitive to loud noise while the project is going on, you may want to leave the house.

Roofers Add Sheathing to Roof.

Roof Replacement Near Me

If you have an aging or seriously damaged roof and are ready for a roof replacement in Dallas, TX, you can always count on the professionals at Legends Roofing. We offer a wide range of roofing solutions at affordable prices. Schedule a service appointment with us by calling 214-321-3293.