Roof Types

When it comes time to replace or install a new roof, homeowners should only go with the best in the business. For top notch residential roofing in Dallas, TX, turn to Legends Roofing. We have a wide selection of roofing materials and a wealth of knowledge about each. Our roofing options for Texan homes are designed to protect our customers from the elements with style and comfort.

Don’t hesitate to call a Legends Roofing contractor for the best residential roofing solutions in the area. You can reach us anytime at 214-321-3293.

Better Types of Residential Roofing

Legends Roofing works to take care of our customers with fantastic customer service and dedicated workmanship. Both our contractors and customer service reps are knowledgeable about the superb residential roofing styles we offer for residential roofing. They can help you choose a brand new roof that protects you from the elements with style and comfort. Here are a couple of our choices:

Metal Roofing

Homeowners save money on energy bills with metal roofing. Its smooth surface bounces the heat of the sun and refuses to let the cool air escape from inside. Legends Roofing gladly installs this type of roofing because it’s perfect for the long hot summers of Texas and sufficiently warms homes in the winter. You will also enjoy a large selection in style with this residential roofing type.

Stone Coated Steel

Legends Roofing exclusively fits Decra Stone Coated Steel Residential Roofing for homes because of its aesthetic and durable qualities. As a roof replacement or as a brand new residential roofing choice, stone coated steel is perfect because homeowners have a plethora of options to choose from in style. We have a Decra system installer on staff to seamlessly provide this excellent service to residential customers.

Slate Shingle

residential roofing in Dallas, TX

Slate shingled or tiled roofing promises durability and classic roofing style for decades and decades

Slate shingles have the look and the strength of the perfect residential roofing material. This environmentally safe roofing type is a lifetime investment that owners can purchase with many choices in color and thickness. With regular maintenance and repairs by Legend Roofers, you and your family to come can look forward to nearly a hundred years under a strong, slate roof.

Ready for a New Roof?
Choose Legends Roofing when you’re ready to replace your roof or install a new one. Our honest workmanship will guarantee your satisfaction going forward. We have experts in all areas of roofing and welcome homeowners to talk to us about roof replacements and residential roofing installation. If you have any questions you can always schedule an appointment with a Legends Roofing Contractor by calling 214-321-3293. We’re here to ensure satisfaction by providing excellent residential roofing in Dallas, TX.