Is it Better to Remodel or Build New?

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Is it better to remodel or build new?

When you decide you need a change in your living space, you might be weighing the pros and cons of remodeling over building a new home. One thing to consider: How long do you plan on staying in the home? If you’re going to sell the home in the future, a remodel will normally make more financial sense, as remodels can add value to the home. You should also consider your home’s condition, especially the exterior. Exterior remodeling can be valuable whether or not you’re planning to sell. Moreover, remodeling your home on the outside doesn’t necessarily have to be extensive. Even just repainting the exterior can improve your home’s look and curb appeal.

Of course, other improvements like replacing windows and doors might be necessary to give your home the look you’ve been searching for. If you are planning a remodeling project and want experts in interior & exterior remodeling in Dallas, TX, you can always rely on the team at Legends Roofing. Find out more about how we can help you by calling 214-321-3293.

How do I upgrade the exterior of my house?

When you’re considering exterior remodeling, there are many ways to go about it. If you are looking for remodeling exterior of house ideas, here are a few that can really add value to your home:

  • Deemphasize a large garage door by painting it to blend in more with its surroundings. Upgrading your garage doors to better fit with your home’s overall design is also an option.
  • Add various types of outdoor lighting, from soffit lighting to ground lighting to enhance various features. Lighting also improves your home security, and you can get home security lighting that fits with your home’s design.
  • Adding touches of black or darker colors can also enhance various features, making your home’s look more balanced and interesting.
  • Plant a flower garden or extend your current one. Some have suggested a flower garden with all the same colors that can make your house look larger.
  • If it’s within your budget, adding a flagstone porch, walk, or steps can give a house a sense of permanence and solidity. 
  • If gardening isn’t a pastime of yours, you can add permanent planters for color and texture to break up a home’s plainness.
  • Consider replacing your roof with different shingles or different materials. Lighter shingles can cool the roof and house down considerably.

How do you modernize a split level house exterior?

While split-level homes can be very beautiful, they also might seem a little out of time compared with modern home designs. But you can give your split-level an exterior remodeling facelift with just a few enhancements and improvements. Painting is always a good and budget-friendly option for any home, so is replacing the siding. On a split-level, you can update the siding on the taller level of the home for a more modern look. New garage doors can change the look of any home, in particular some of the newer designs that are more than just rows of squares like a candy bar. Entrances are also good places to give your split-level a modern look. Possibilities range from putting in a glass door to moving the door from facing the front yard to facing the drive. Split-levels also sometimes lack for windows, and adding windows can be appealing, and give you more natural light inside the home. 

What color exterior house sells best?

When it comes to exterior remodeling, painting your home is always a good first step. But, should you change the color of your home, especially if you intend to sell it soon? While you want to make your home appealing to buyers, you might not necessarily want to attach yourself to the latest trends, given how quickly trends fade away. Among the safest routes to take is painting it a traditional neutral off-white, contrasting it with darker color around trim, windowsills, shutters, and even doors. Other neutral colors like gray, lighter blues, along with lighter yellow work as well. 

Green exterior remodeling

As you’re considering all your exterior remodeling choices, green remodeling has become more and more popular. Along with benefits to the environment, green options are often energy-efficient, so you will find yourself saving money in the long term. Before you explore green options, you’ll want to get an energy audit to find out where and how energy is wasted in your home. With an energy audit, you’ll be able to tell where you might have drafts, what devices and appliances are using up the most energy, and whether your HVAC system is efficient. The audit can guide you in decisions about your remodel. For instance, if your windows are drafty, installing eco-friendly and energy-efficient windows will give your home a great look and help you save money. Windows with sustainably-harvested wood frames are not only safer for the environment, they can give your home a very classic look. When you are remodeling, remember it is a good green choice to source your materials locally.

App for remodeling exterior of house

Exterior remodeling can be a daunting task, especially when you are trying to plan the remodel. Fortunately, these days there are several apps available for download to help you with your remodel. Some of these apps are free, some you may have to pay for certain features or upgrades, while others you have to pay to use. Apps include a variety of features. Some, for instance, allow you to take photos of your home from your smartphone and upload them to get a 3D model of your home with dimensions and allow you to play around with different design elements.

What is the outside of a house made of?

Your home’s exterior has many components made from a variety of materials. Covering the exterior of most homes is siding, and siding can be made from anything ranging from vinyl to aluminum to brick. Another popular type of siding is fiber-cement board. The siding protects your home from the elements.

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If you are planning an exterior remodeling project in Dallas, TX, the team at Legends Roofing can help you with all aspects of the project, from planning to finishing. We are a full-service roofing and construction company offering a comprehensive range of solutions. You can find out more about us by calling 214-321-3293.