How to Remodel a Home’s Exterior

A home's exterior being painted beige.

The Importance of a Home’s Exterior

You can find ideas all day long on remodeling the interior of your home, but when you’re ready to do a home exterior remodeling job, where do you start? This isn’t just about flowers, gardening, and landscaping, either. We’re talking about a complete remodel of the exterior of your house, like a facelift. And the exterior of a home is the same as putting your best foot forward. 

How do I modernize the exterior of my house?

You need to start by considering this an investment that will have a sizable ROI later! The first important factor for collecting exterior home remodel ideas is the curb appeal effect. This is the first impression, and with that in mind, consider the following suggestions on how to renovate exterior of house to get the most from your money: 

  • The Garage Door: This can be a dilemma, especially when it is located at the front. Its presence there is already strong, so you need to work with that by painting it to blend in and offer an architectural balance. An upgrade could cost you a few thousand but will bring you more with its resale value. 
  • The Lighting: Here is where you get the ambiance for your home exterior remodeling efforts. The obvious nighttime lighting will give the total property a new feel and look. Soffit lighting will highlight the style and ground lights will bring your trees to the forefront. 
  • Go Black: In terms of real estate, an “all light colored” home seems vulnerable. Dark colors are heavy, appear sturdy, and are highly recommended as an exterior paint remodeling step. Adding some black to your home’s exterior remodeling will give it some grounding and stability. 
  • Flower Garden: To go with that touch of black, the added colors of flowers along the front of your home will make you happy, contribute to making the neighborhood more beautiful, and when they match the color of the door, the visual appeal is definitely there! 
  • Flagstone: Though not for the budget minded homeowner, but definitely for the investment-minded homeowner, flagstone will do a lot for a home exterior remodeling job. It creates a permanent solution for climate and weather that is ideal while adding a visual weight to the front entry. 
  • Permanent Planters: For the non-gardening homeowner, nothing will give your home exterior remodel job a more finished look than a permanent planter on each side of the front. You get the color and texture that only plants can add while adding some contrast and keeping your home curb appeal on spot. 
  • The Roof: This will be the most expensive part of your home exterior remodel, but it will give you the most ROI whether you stay or sell. There are more options in roofing than ever before, even with asphalt shingles. A dark colored shingle with  strong coloring will give it a neutral feel, while lighter shingles discolor faster. 

How much does an exterior remodel cost?

As with most investments with your home, there isn’t a flat rate to quote. This isn’t buying a gallon of milk; a home exterior remodel can vary in depth and details including the size of your house, the amount and type of work your home exterior remodel will entail, and more. The most important cost factor will be if you’re doing the work yourself or hiring exterior remodel contractors. 

On average, a home exterior remodel will cost around $7,000 to $8,000. This price can include door and windows, porch and stair railing, landscaping, and exterior painting. Each of these can be expensive, but each can also add to the value of your home for resale purposes later. 

If you choose to work with a contractor, ask to see pictures of recent remodel exterior of houses they’ve worked on, before and after pictures along with other basics like certification, licensing, and insurance. These are important factors for any contractor you hire. 

Before hiring a contractor, also shop several for quotes and ideas. Compare them to each other before making your final decision. What is their guarantee and will they return to repair or fix issues as they arise, and for how long? Is the electrical going to be under warranty? There are many questions to get answers about before choosing a contractor.

House entrance with red wooden doors.

In Closing 

A home exterior remodel can be as minimal and inexpensive as you want, or as detailed, extreme, and expensive as you can afford. Painting the exterior brick, and remodeling can make a huge difference, but remember that the painting will need to be redone from time to time. That could be a draw against your home for future buyers. 

As you move forward with your home exterior remodeling, think about not only what will please you for now but also in the future. You want to think about future ROI should you decide to sell. Mainly though, think about your budget because if you can’t afford it, you can’t enjoy it. And if you are ready for home exterior remodeling in Dallas, TX, contact the team at Legends Roofing by calling 214-321-3293 today.