How is a gutter installed?

gutter system on a stucco house

Do gutters add value to your home?

Do you feel like a gutter installation would be unnecessary money spent? They may look they are just for finishing touches to a roof, but gutters have a purpose that almost every house needs, including yours. 

They are more than just an accessory that the roofing contractor or siding contractor is trying to upsell you to buy. We are going to answer some questions here about gutter installation, why your home should or should not have them.

Yes and no.  Good gutters that have been professionally installed will attract buyer’s attention, but they won’t get you more money like a remodeled bath or kitchen or adding a deck on the back. Gutter installation is a standard part of the house for most homes, primarily if the house is in a rainy area. So, in that case, not having gutters could lose some potential buyers, maybe lose some dollars at the negotiation table. 

Does a house need gutters to pass inspection?      

For houses built today, there is concentration to build them so that water runoff is natural so that there isn’t an issue of ground erosion or pooling around the foundation. Therefore, gutter installation isn’t necessary for new build homes, as building codes do not require them. 

Existing homes are another matter, though, and a gutter installation can help with the ground erosion and pooling water around the foundation. So, there are gutters installed on the house, then yes, an inspection will include examining the gutters. The inspector will make sure they are attached to the house. They will check the gutter runs aren’t broken, the downspouts aren’t clogged, and if the gutters is leaking. 

Should you remove any gutters when trying to sell your house? No – they are a beneficial addition, and if there, as we stated earlier, they will catch a buyer’s attention. Before your house goes on the market, do an inspection of the gutter installation, and make sure all components are in place and working as they should. 

Do I need gutters around my entire house?

A roof that slopes in every direction won’t need a gutter installation job. However, most houses do not have that all direction slope. Most houses can benefit from a gutter installation for a roof that slopes in two directions, for example slope to the back and slope to the front and have a peak in the center. Only gutters installation in the back and front is recommended. 

Some companies specialize in gutter installation, and roofing companies usually gutter installation services too. If you’re not sure what you need in a gutter system, have a few companies provide a quote, and the experience of that person can advise you what you need. You can find several companies by doing an internet search for “gutters near me.”

Is it hard to install gutters yourself?

A handy DIY homeowner can find a few videos online and do a gutter installation on their home with reasonably good outcomes and success. Gutter installation can be challenging based on the house and what type of gutters you’re installing. 

We want to point out that if there is an area that takes a shortcut or leaves out, the entire gutter installation will be a waste of your time, and possibly the money spent. Calling a professional for quotes is recommended and then price the materials and estimate the time it will take you. Most likely, you’ll see where the little bit of money your saving isn’t worth the worry. 

Where do gutters drain to?

The rain flows through the gutter to the downspout. Then the downspout empties the rain and sends it out and away from the house. Some gutter installation jobs will have the downspout emptying into a drainage system. Some are running down the driveway or sidewalk and out into the street. The critical part of the gutter installation is making sure the water does run away from the house. 

gutter being installed

What happens if you have no gutters?

Still not convinced why install gutters on your home are essential? Review these five things that could happen if you don’t:

  • Garden and Landscape Erosion: If you put a lot of money and time into gardening and landscaping, a gutter installation will preserve that for you. Without gutters, the rain will run off the roof into your garden, puddle up around the house, washing away the mulch, and the nutrients needed for your flowers and shrubs. Without a gutter installation, you’ll end up with mud where your flowers are now.
  • Exterior Damage: During a rainstorm, a gutter installation job will keep the water from running down your siding, chipping and peeling the paint, warping the wood, and disheveling the doors and windows. When rain runs down the siding outside, the dampness works its way inside the walls. From there, mold begins growing, attracting insects and rodents. Your home’s structural integrity is put at risk.
  • Flooded Basement: A flooded basement is a nightmare. Ask any homeowner that has experienced this catastrophe. Without gutter installation, you run the risk of the water pooling up around the foundation of your home and seeping into the basement. This is a strong possibility if the lot grading where your house is built isn’t done right. 
  • Damaged Foundation: Protecting your foundation is the biggest reason you need to consider a gutter installation – your home’s foundation. The foundation is the critical factor in your home’s stability, and if the foundation becomes week from water pooling up around the base of the house, you’ll have cracking and shifting foundation, doors that won’t shut, and windows that won’t close. 

Without a gutter installation on your home, all of the things we’ve mentioned here equal to one big issue: Property Value.  While gutters won’t get you a higher price, they will make your house look worth what you’re asking. Call 214-321-3293 today for gutter installation.