Cost-Saving Metal Roof Restoration

A Roofing Expert Sprays a Restorative Roof Coating

By Reinvigorating the Sheen on the Metal, Our Restoration Process Improves Energy Efficiency.

Even the sturdiest of metal roofs will fade over time. This natural process is driven by ultraviolet light from the sun, slowly degrading and wearing down the paint and metal. Diminished energy efficiency is the unfortunate outcome, as your roof blocks slowly blocks less and less external heat. There’s good news though! Your business can easily prevent this roofing deterioration with a commercial metal roof restoration in Dallas, TX. Our service reinvigorates the color and integrity of the metal paneling, once again giving your roof an eye-catching appearance! To contact our team and learn more about this cost-effective solution, call 214-321-3293 today.

Purpose of Metal Restoration

Metal roofing, especially aluminum, is renowned for its enticing energy savings. By reflecting a high percentage of sunlight away from the roof and insulating interior air conditioning, a metal roof greatly reduces heating and cooling costs. That cost-saving benefit gradually lessens over the years as the metal paneling (or paint on top of it) starts to fade.

This also leaves your roof more vulnerable against corrosion (i.e. rust) which will slowly eat away the roofing material. It would take many years for rust to seriously threaten the integrity of your roof, but it does leave an irritating blemish on your rooftop. Even if your roofing is severely rusted, we can also restore your roof with a cost-saving Roof Hugger retrofit

Key Benefits for Businesses with Metal Roofs

A Roofing Restoration Professional Sprays a Roof

Restoration is an Opportune Time to Update the Color on Your Roof!

Our commercial metal roof restoration service includes your choice of durable roof coating to enhance sunlight reflection and color the material. This coating also defends metal paneling from rust and mends scratches and cracks. This extends the life of your roofing system, delaying that costly replacement project for up to a decade.

Basically, your beautiful roofing system will look better than ever and receive lasting from corrosion. You’ll also enjoy restored energy savings as your roof begins to reflect more sunlight. That certainly beats paying for an early roof replacement!

Find Your Estimate for Metal Roof Restoration!

Your metal roof was built to provide outstanding protection and energy savings for your company. If your roof has faded into a sub-par eyesore, we can easily fix that and restore your system’s energy efficiency at the same time. Our commercial roofing professionals would be happy to answer any and all of your questions about color, pricing, longevity, and more! All you have to do is call the Legends Roofing team at 214-321-3293. Discover out why so many businesses with metal roofs consider restoration to be an invaluable part of protecting their investment!