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Can You Restore a Metal Roof?

metal roofing system

Why restore a metal roof?

Is your commercial building in need of metal roof restoration or replacement? Have you been checking into metal roof repair and restoration, then you’re at the right place. If you’re leaning toward replacement, read this piece first and see what metal roof restoration has to offer you, besides saving money.  

A total roof replacement is expensive for anyone, but for a commercial structure, it is a HUGE expense. Regardless of why you’re considering a new roof replacement, ask the contractors, “Can a metal roof be restored?”. If they tell you no, then call a different contractor. What are the benefits of a metal roof restoration versus getting complete new roof?  

  • Money and time: Once you have quotes on a total roof replacement, usually anywhere from $7 square foot to $12 and up per square foot.  A metal roof restoration is problem-free, cheaper, and no need about having the old roof removed. It takes less man-power to do a restoration, so that saves you money, there isn’t any huge scrap pieces to have hauled off because there is less materials used, and it will have little to no interference with your business operation. 
  • Extended lifespan: A metal roof will last you up to 70 years or longer, dependent on some factors that can make the aging and deterioration happen faster.  Those things are lack of maintenance like plant growth and foot traffic, the constant change in the temperature and the moisture that can be left behind because the drains are clogged. A metal roof restoration will get your roof clean again, the drains cleared, and extend the life another 10 years or more. 
  • Cooler roof makes cooler building: Today, commercial structures are all about having a cool roof installed because of the UV reflectiveness they offer, preventing the heat from penetrating into the building. This make the interior uncomfortable and the air conditioning to work harder. Metal roof restoration will make your current roof reflective and give you that added benefit of lower energy bills and the cooling system lifespan extended. 
  • Stop problems: A metal roof restoration will include the crew to inspect your roof and any small issues will be discovered and addressed before they become a big problem. 
  • Sustainability improved: Instead of a total roof replacement now that will add more to the landfills, why not do a metal roof restoration that won’t create all that waste.
  • A new roof: Metal roofing is excellent and a popular choice, but after some time, it will lose that original bright luster. A metal roof restoration will bring back that appearance that you remember when the original roof was new. If you have plans of selling your building, a roof restoration will give it boost in curb appeal and help you get a higher dollar too. 
  • Business continues: Choose metal roof restoration instead of a roof and you won’t need to worry about the mess of a new roof around your building, making parking difficult, or the smell a new roof can create. 

How do you restore a faded metal roof? and How can I make a metal roof look new?

If your current metal roof is looking dull and faded, there are products on the market today that your maintenance crew can use to bring that new look back.  Maybe a new roof isn’t in the budget, and a professional metal roof restoration isn’t either, both are understandable. Many of the products on the market that will bring the color back also include protective coating that keeps the acid rain, salt air, sun, and other elements that damage and dull metal roof from aging the roof faster. 

What is the best coating for a metal roof?

Most commercial roofing contractors recommend an elastomeric roof coating. This is a product that has been around for many years and the popularity of the product will tell you that it is a reliable choice. The advantages that you can expect from having an elastomeric roof coating installed with your metal roof restoration are several: 

  • Less Cost 
  • Extended Lifespan
  • Energy Costs Reduced
  • Sustainability Improved
  • Environmentally Safe

What is involved in a roof restoration?

Depending on your roof’s current condition, the following three step process may be adjusted by the contractor doing the job: 

  1. A thorough inspection.
  2. A thorough cleaning and repairs completed.
  3. Roof coating applied.

What are the problems with metal roofs?

As great and popular as metal roofing is on commercial structure, the are not without fault. Four of the most common issues with a metal roof are: 

  • Corrosion: Common for galvalume or galvanized steel metal roofing is the risk of corrosion and rust from water and water-borne pollutants. Metal roofing should be coated with a water-resistant material and inspected on a regular basis.  This will allow you the opportunity to find any small issues and have them repaired to minimize the chance of corrosion and rus.t 
  • Fasteners: The clips and fasteners that hold standing seam metal roofing down are a  critical feature of the roof. Stainless steel clips and fasteners are recommended instead of galvanized steel clips and screws to minimize the chance of corrosion and rusting. 
  • Punctures and Scratches: Hail, ice, snow, and trees can puncture, scratch, and scuff a metal roof. The recommended routine inspection are when you find these things, ad make repairs as needed. Keeping trees trimmed back from the roof line is recommended. 
  • Paint Fades: Without a protective coating, a metal roof will have a shorter lifespan. The sun and weather also can take a toll on metal roofing, causing it to fade. This is the time you need to have a metal roof restoration done to bring your metal roofing back to life. 
metal roof on a slope

Can you pressure wash a metal roof?

Yes, but not in the same manner you would an asphalt roof.  Depending on the pitch of your commercial structure’s metal roofing,  using the  light setting on the pressure washer with basic detergent then rinse. 

A commercial structure takes a lot of care and maintenance, which requires a lot of money and time. By choosing to have metal roof restoration done instead of a replacement, you’ll save both money and time and still have a great looking building! Call 214-321-3293 today for your metal roof restoration in Dallas, TX.