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Improving Your Home With Exterior Home Remodeling

Vinyl siding house

What is exterior home remodeling? 

Is your home looking aged and outdated to you? Maybe you’re tired of it, your family has outgrown it, or maybe you’re considering selling your home to downsize or upsize. Regardless why, home remodeling can do a lot for a home, whether you stay there for another twenty years or you’re needing to move. 

If the interior of your home is perfect for you, then exterior home remodeling and curb appeal improvement are the next things to address. You want to make smart choices with what you exterior home remodeling you do, so we’ll answer some common questions and hopefully give you some guidance. 

Whether you will live in your home forever or you’re doing home remodeling and upgrades to sell the property, first impressions are important.  A boost to the overall exterior aesthetics will make those first impressions lasting.  What are the pros and cons of an exterior home remodel? 

The Pros of Exterior Home Remodeling

  • Aesthetics: Updating your home’s exterior is your opportunity to create an entirely different appearance. With the variety of exterior  materials on the market, like fiber cement to vinyl siding, or a fake rock or stone façade, put your imagination and vision together to create and transform the exterior to something that is uniquely yours.
  • Energy Efficient An updated exterior will change the appearance and aesthetics and improve the energy efficiency too. Update the siding is one exterior home remodeling step that will save on energy bills if this is your forever home, and if you’re selling the house.
  • Minimize Maintenance: If you have an older home, as things decay, and exterior home remodeling job will allow you to replace those things with alternatives that take less maintenance going forward. 
  • Value Add: An exterior home remodeling project is the time to value add to your home, especially if you’re planning to sell the property in the future. With a new roof or siding upgrade, you can expect as much as 70% or more ROI each! 
  • Safe & Secure: A home that has been updated with exterior home remodeling becomes a safer and more secure home when those updates include new doors and windows. 

The Cons of Exterior Home Remodeling

  • Cost: There are some things you can do that won’t break the bank, but if you’re looking for value add stuff, like roofing and siding, it isn’t going to be on the cheap. The ROI is high for those two things, so there is that offset to consider. 
  • Inconvenience: You’ll be put out a little with all the work going on around your home. Contract work is noisy, if you have an infant that naps during the day, you may want to stay at a family members or friends house during the day. 

How can I make the exterior of my house look better?

The right exterior home remodeling enhancements can improve a home’s appearance significantly. Here are few suggestions to consider: 

  1. A covered entrance
  2. Hang or install outdoor lighting
  3. Replace the front door
  4. Add window boxes 
  5. Fence the front exterior with a gate
  6. A new driveway

How do you modernize the exterior of a house?

Make your home a showstopper of the bock with an exterior home remodeling and makeover! Maximize the curb appeal and create a total new look in the front and back. A few ideas: 

  • Fresh paint does wonders, and it doesn’t have to be the entire house, just the doors and trim.
  • Add shutters made of cedar or painted a few shades darker than the exterior
  • Install slate steps or  stacked stone risers from the street to the front door
  • Bright and colorful landscaping will give your home an inviting look
  • Adding French doors off the master bedroom or the sunroom
  • Create multiple seating areas in the backyard and front yard

Can you renovate the outside of a house?

If your house is modern or traditional, renovating the exterior as part of your home remodeling can be with a few simple tweaks or you can make bigger changes that give the overall house a huge impact.  Here we offer a few ideas that go either way. When it comes to knowing how to exterior home remodeling, we offer the following suggestions. Above all, remember, this is your home, your budget, your choice! 

  • Proportion Changes:  A significant home remodeling and renovation is changing the overall proportions. You can extend outward or upward with any part of the house, give it a pleasing balance or total new offsetting dimension.  
  • SWAP THE EXTERIOR FINISH: A home with a 1970s façade of pebbledash, stone cladding, or mismatching bricks and other external materials can be removed or covered with something new and modern. Get rid of that ranch style look of yesteryear and create the stylish  boxy estate look. 
  • NEW ROOFING: It may be time for a new roof anyway, if it is 15 years old, why no? The roof is the dominant feature of any home, so change that feature with a new color and style to give the house a total new transformation. 
  • REPLACEMENT WINDOWS: The windows are the eyes of your home’s soul. New windows can give any age and style house a new personality. 
  • A NEW FRONT DOOR: If your door is 15 to 20 years old, it isn’t just out of style, it probably isn’t energy efficient either. A new front door can be a focal point to an exterior home remodeling. 

How do I make the exterior of my house look more expensive?

There are five key components to creating an expensive look to any home:

  • Balance
  • Proportion
  • Color
  • Textures
  • Shape

Create a postcard imagine with your exterior home remodeling project and you’re sure to have great results: 

  • The front entry is your focal point
  • Space with purpose in the corners
  • Seating is priority in the backyard with outdoor rug on a deck
  • Vintage materials repurposed are excellent additions
  • Be bold with bright colors and string light accents
  • Add a water fountain 
exterior renovation home

Which is the best color for exterior house painting for your exterior home remodeling? 

The following color combinations are popular today. Choose the one that is your taste and matches your home’s architectural style:

  • Black and White with accents in Ruby Red
  • Gray and White with  Dove Gray trim and accents
  • Deep Sea Blue or Green and White with Red accents
  • Black and White with accents in Mediterranean Blue
  • White and Clay accented by Mossy Green highlights
  • Yellow and White with Black trim
  • Mocha Chocolate and Ocean Blue trimmed in Pale Blue
  • White and Gray with Dark Blue accents and trim

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