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Exterior Updates You Should Make Before Listing Your Home

A Beautiful Front Yard With Excellent Landscaping

Landscaping is One of the Most Critical Parts of Updating Your Home’s Exterior Design.

How can I increase the value of my house? That’s the big question that thousands of homeowners ask themselves every year. While many turn inwards to the bathrooms or kitchen, smart property developers also look outside and consider house exterior renovation.

Today, we’ll reveal some excitingly easy exterior updates, plus a few challenging projects for avid home developers. Afterwards, you’ll be inspired to investigate your own creative house makeover! Let’s get started.

Exterior Updates on a Budget

How do you increase curb appeal on a budget? Start by creating a list of home exterior updates and  prioritizing. Look for changes that can provide fresh curb appeal for your home without having to knock anything down. Landscaping updates have the largest visual impact on your home’s perceived value, but there are many small ways to touch up the place. You’ll also want to consider the time investment of each project.

Below, we’ve separated some of the most popular updates based on difficulty.

Speedy Updates

Simple Exterior Home Updates

In Your Landscape

A Simplistic Landscaping Design With Tall Bushes

Even a Simple, Clean Landscaping Design Will Complement the Rest of Your Homes Exterior Updates.

Does landscaping increase property value? Absolutely! In fact, many property developers agree that strong landscaping work can increase the perceived value of your house up to 15%. With the exception of your trees, your landscaping should gradually descend from the roof of the house down to the street. If your plants currently feel scattered around the front porch, consider building a fresh path with secondhand stone tiles and gravel.

Don’t be afraid to let the walkway wind it’s way across the lawn. This path will be a great tool for coordinating your plants. For added pizzazz, you can mix your basic green plants with colorful flowers and contrasting bushes or shrubs. Make sure all your plants are properly trimmed; wild growth makes a home appear less cared for. There’s one last touch that most homeowners don’t even think of: flower boxes. These mesh especially well with shuttered windows, and they create an inviting pop of color. Try your local antique sales store for some fun box ideas!


On the Front Porch

The front door is one of the first elements of your home design to greet your visitors, so that’s a great place to start. Does your door have a bland or faded paint color? Repaint it using a fresh color that stands out from the surrounding porch area. You can also work the trim to make your door pop out. For a finishing touch, consider replacing your door hardware with flashy new handle and lock.

Add a couple of potted plants at the at beginning of the walkway to breath fresh life onto the porch! Most important of all: ensure that your exterior lighting is properly illuminating the porch area. Dreary lighting makes the front porch feel insecure, but vibrant light fixtures will make the space appear larger and friendlier. If you want to take the concept even further, consider installing some lights along the pathway and across the landscape.

Longer Projects

More Demanding Projects

We’re not talking about replacing the roof, though a haggard roof will definitely drag down the value of an otherwise beautiful property. Start the second stage of your exterior house remodel by examining the siding. Does the paint color clash with the rest of your home, or has it faded to an unsightly hue? If so, it’s time to powerwash the siding and apply a new coat of paint!

While they aren’t for everyone, wooden shutters can create a eye-catching contrast with the surrounding siding. They don’t have to be expensive either. There are plenty of online guides to help you craft your own gorgeous design.

Other Fun Exterior Projects

Front Railing

Stained Cedar Railing and Blue Door

Gorgeous Cedar Railing Draws the Eyes Towards the Front Door and Accents its Color.

If your property contains steps leading up to the front door, a new railing can spice up the walkway. Natural wood provides a rustic look that complements most color schemes. You can modernize a wooden design with metal bars, though that might get a little pricier.

Garage Remodeling

For homeowners that have a cluttered, unused garage that they want to clean up, a garage remodel can completely transform the space. While it might not be a purely exterior project, one of the coolest ways to remodel the garage is by turning it into an open studio space with wooden doors! Installing a skylight for natural lighting can turn a dusty garage into one of the hottest areas in the house.

Updated Brickwork

For those wondering how to update a brick exterior, you have multiple options. If the brick is badly faded, a limewash or latex paint over the entire siding will create a lovely whitewashed appearance. It’s a classy look that imitates aged brick from European townships. You can also produce a mixed brick design through a German Smear, though you’d want a professional to complete the work.

Start Updating Your Home Exterior Today!

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