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When Remodeling My Home, Where Should I Start?

Homes are obviously well-lived in, so it is understandable that over time, rooms are going to start showing their age or running out of space to store items. That is why many homeowners opt to remodel their home. Not only does your outdated bathroom or kitchen get to stay in touch with the times, but homeowners can customize these well-used rooms to their liking! Call Legends Roofing at 214-321-3293 and have our home remodeling contractors in Dallas, TX come and restyle your home!

Home Remodeling Vs Renovation

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You have probably heard the terms home remodel, restoration, and renovation used interchangeably. But they are not the same things. So, what is the difference between a remodel and a renovation? A renovation is just restyling the surface and making cosmetic changes to make the home appear different. An example of a home renovation would be something like painting the walls a new color or replacing your tub for a shower/tub hybrid, but the plumbing stays in the same place.

Home remodeling involves demolition of the home to physically change the structure and move it around. This could mean extending a room, or rearranging your entire kitchen by switching up the plumbing system so your fridge is closer to the stove. Where with home renovation and restoration, these home repairs can be performed by handy DIY homeowners, home remodeling is a much bigger project and requires professional assistance along with permits for construction.

What Does Home Remodeling Mean?

Remodeling means replacing old and broken parts of your home with new ones by tearing them down. For example, if your foundation is severely cracked, replacing it requires destroying the floors in order to remove the slab underneath. Or if the ceilings are too low, then they have to be knocked out and the floor above has to be raised and rebuilt.

With home remodeling, you are finally able to customize your home how you want it, not how you bought it. Very rarely do homeowners love everything about the pre-installed house they bought. Maybe you wish the bathroom was bigger, or that there was an additional garage. Well, now you can have those when you remodel your home! Not only do you get the upgraded room or home of your dreams with home remodeling, but your property value increases, as well! This is beneficial if you ever decide to sell your home, as home buyers prefer newly installed appliances and modern aesthetics over decades-old decor. Also, since home remodeling means constructing entirely new rooms, you are able to save money by upgrading to better energy efficient appliances like HVAC systems, windows, roofs, and more!

Is It Cheaper to Remodel or Build a New House?

Cost is always at the forefront of everyone’s mind whenever they take on a home repair project. While home renovation is definitely the cheapest route to start with, it can end up costing you more in the long run. That is because renovating does not extend the space, so if your home ends up getting cramped years later, more repairs like expanding the home are needed. Home remodeling is a good budget friendly choice if you are focusing on remodeling a few rooms. If you are looking to renovate an entire house, it is more affordable to build your own dream home from scratch.

Home Remodeling Ideas

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  • Installing an island with a dining bar in the middle of the kitchen so there is extra seating and counter space.
  • Add a shower with a built in corner seat so you can turn your everyday chore into a relaxing sauna.
  • Lower your living room to create an inviting little couch pit that is perfect for movie nights!
  • Turn your attic into a loft bedroom.
  • Add a balcony to your master bedroom.


  • Adding a garden to your home is a great way to not only utilize unused space, but to enhance curb appeal. You can get a gate service in DFW to install fencing around your garden.
  • Raise your home’s foundation! Not only does that allow you to repair the foundation and plumbing, but you have enough room to install a wraparound porch now!
  • Build a screened porch or sunroom!
  • Adding a fresh coat of paint to your home’s siding is a quick renovation method that really helps to make your home look brand new.

Home Remodeling and Services

Whether you are remodeling your home for a boost in curb appeal or easier maintenance, the home remodeling contractors at Legends Roofing are here to help you get the redesigned home of your dreams. We are the premier Dallas/Fort Worth remodeling company in the area and offer both interior and exterior services. For home remodeling services in Dallas, TX, call us at 214-321-3293.