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The Benefits of Roof Coatings

You have a roof installed, but maybe the metal is starting to corrode. Or your roof keeps having to get minor repairs but doesn’t need a full on replacement. Roof coatings are great and affordable protective coverings that go over your already-installed roof to help extend its lifespan up to 10 years.

Here are some of the great benefits that roof coatings provide.


Roof coatings are typically seen over metal and flat roofs because the original roofs do not age gracefully. The metal can corrode and rust, and flat or gravel roofs are generally used because of how cheap they are, but not because of how pretty they are.

A Roof Coating is a Great and Cheap Protection for Your Roof


Roof coatings can handle foot traffic and extreme weather well. If you walked on a flat roof too much, sinkholes would begin to appear. The coatings can be made out of material like EPDM, polyurea, or rubber. All of these won’t dent from hail or break from strong winds.


Roof coatings are oftentimes liquid, so when they dry, they are completely seamless. This leaves no room for water to seep through where it could in the original roofing. The slick surface will also make water roll right off it and not sit stagnant.

Energy efficient

Roof coatings are oftentimes reflective, helping to lower energy costs. They reflect the sun’s harmful and extremely hot UV rays, helping to cool the building and not make the HVAC system work as hard.

Cost Effective

Most coverings come in tubs that can be easily bought at home repair stores. Tubs typically cost $100 but some highly rated ones can go up to $1000. This is far cheaper than having to replace an entire roof which can cost a minimum of $20,000.


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