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Commercial Metal Roofing Varieties

metal roofing

Is A Metal Roof Right For You?

Are you interested in upgrading your commercial roofing with a metal roof? There are several different options to choose for, and they are all designed to be stronger, and last longer than alternative commercial roofing materials. Today we will go over a few of the benefits you can receive from commercial metal roofing options!

Commercial metal roofing systems offer a significant amount of security, with an absolutely minimal amount of required maintenance. Furthermore, you can count on these roof materials to resiliently stand against fires, severe weather, and more! Metal roofs are some of the greatest solutions available. While a metal roof will not be as cheap as a single ply roof, it will endure two times as long, provide better protection, and need less maintenance, making it the better long term investment.

Aluminum roofs are lightweight and resistant to rust, making them a simple installation choice for your commercial roof. Aluminum’s resistance to corrosion also provides you with minimal maintenance requirements, and a very long lifespan.

Steel roofing is inexpensive, and incredibly durable as well. Steel also comes in a wide variety of styles such as standing seam, corrugated metal, and more. Steel roofing also provides the best value per square foot in most cases, making it a great option for larger projects.

Copper roofing is listed among the premium roofing options, and provide a unique but timeless style to your building. Copper roofs are some of the most expensive metal roof systems out there, but copper does retain more than 90% of its value, if it ever needs to be taken off and scrapped.

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