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Different types of roofing slate tiles


There are many different types of roofing slate tiles to chose from. 

Where does slate come from?

Slate comes from a quarry (an open pit mine from which mineral and rocks are extracted from). In the Unites States, slate quarries can be found mainly in Pennsylvania, Vermont, New York, and Virginia.

Quarry in Vermont

Different types of slate roof tiles depend on which quarry they were extracted from. The color is dependent on chemical and mineralogical composition, resulting in a variety of shades of slate roofing tile colors. Some different types are...

Sea green

Sea green slate roof tile's color is green or gray/green when first quarried, but weathers to shades of buff and brown, but keeps it's green overtone. The degree of weathering depends on which quarry it comes from, and ranges from 10% - 90%.  

Sea green slate roof tile

Variegated Purple

Variegated purple slate's color is purple with and sometimes has spots or streaks of green. A small percentage weather, especially in lighter tones.

variegated purple slate roof tile 

Vermont gray

Vermont gray roof slate tile's color is the traditional "slate gray" color. It only weathers slightly, with its gray color deepening. It is extracted from quarries in Vermont. 

Vermont grey slate roof tile




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